The Cat and the Chook.

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The Cat and the Chook poem.

I wrote this poem in 2015 about a close friend from an intense chat website. I stumbled across the poem the other day while having a digital cleanout.

Copyright Runningonempty Sept 2015

Notes on the poem:

If you have ever been on an intense (and combative) chat site long enough to get very involved, and to make alliances that are taken off site, you can figure out most of the poem. This friendship was kept largely under wraps on the site for a couple of years, though my own friends knew about it.

Our younger cat does walk proudly among ourchickens, with her tail held high. We keep her well fed just in case.

My (excellent) editor and I disagreed over the word invert. She asserted that “inverted comma” could not be changed like that. I explained that “invert” is a kind of sugar used in industry.


Should a real friend only tell you what you want to hear?

If friends always do that, does it get too sickly sweet for your taste?

Why are they doing it?

Or do you change with different friends?

As always, comments are welcome.

Cats with chickens (awww):

An unusual friendship:


  1. No 1 I guess a “real” friend would know you well enough to know that if she told a lie or left something out you would know straight away,,,, and therefore she/he would be open and find a way to soften any bad news and be honest and straight.

    2. I would get very annoyed if they kept beating around the bush to try and tell me something,, be honest and spit it out.

    3. compassion, frightened of losing the friendship, perhaps hiding something else, or just see if anything develope’s from it

    4. Dangerous, to “grade” different friends, you need to be a good liar if your going to tell different friends different information as well as having a good memory, best to be honest and keep to the same story.

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    • Thankyou, Laura, though I can’t take credit for the photo. It is representative though. Our weekend is over, we are a day and a half ahead of US. Enjoy yours!


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