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Valentine’s Day post

Acerules was going to stay with a girl from school after Debut practice, so I went to a bit of trouble planning for Valentine’s Day. First I didn’t want to spend too much on decorations as we are getting ready for her Debut ball next month. Also, I had seen lots of red hearts and signs saying “love” already, so I wanted something different. I went into the newsagent who sells stationery, looking for apricot card, they didn’t have it but they had burgundy. So that was my base colour. Later, I made a banner from it:

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With a roll of that card under my arm and some burgundy paper twine, I proceeded to two op (thrift) shops. Long time readers will remember that I believe in “reduce, reuse, recycle”, to help the planet, and save money. I’m also trying to reduce plastic. Well, I am improving bit by bit.

I bought a burgundy bed sheet , 2 European pillow cases, a purpley- blue tablecloth, a contemporary burgundy vase, a burgundy bowl and a flowery word sign saying “kisses”. Plus they had a burgundy cushion (pillow) and a brown leather embossed music box with a fleur de lys on the lid for my husband, that plays a romantic Italian song. All were second hand and very cheap.

Proceeding to the gift shop I purchased a burgundy and tan patchwork fabric “paper weight” new for only $5 au. It says love on it in small letters , and we will give it to Acerules when she gets home. (It was windy when I was setting up, and the chickens had made a dust bath in that spot, I had to chase them away to stop them covering everything in dust! )

I also bought some flowered ribbon/braid from the draper to put on my banner and vase, to pick up the flowers on the kisses sign.

Then I went to the florist I normally use. I had a project in mind besides her filling the small vase with flowers to match the tablecloths. She is used to my crazy requests. I had already emailed her with this one. Hubby isn’t into flowers. There is something he loves, however. So I asked her for a bouquet of a dozen

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doughnuts! Being a good sport and very creative she agreed to do it, though it’s one of her busiest days of the year, (she had many buckets of long stemmed red roses and other flowers in the shop) so she said I had to buy the doughnuts the day before Valentine’s Day. I was pleased they were on sale! (They were still fresh, of course I had to sample one for quality control 😉 )

She said I had to be quiet about it in town or “they will all want one”. Indeed a male customer in the shop buying lovely red roses, pricked up his ears and looked very interested in the idea! She wrapped each doughnut in green textured paper and green florist tape individually and with them speared on long BBQ skewers, stuck them into Florist foam, then wrapped the whole thing in lacy white paper with hearts. Then she put the bouquet in a box , covered it all in cellophane for transport and delivered it.

So, firstly hubby and I had a nice Summer evening meal outside, including strawberry meringue dessert with chocolate mousse, raspberry coulis, and burgundy plums.

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He got a Valentine’s day card from me, and we drank fruit flavoured mineral water. Afterward I said can you open the gate for me when I come back out. He did and was not amused that I emerged carrying a big bouquet of what he thought was flowers, as I hid the doughnuts with my body. He looked annoyed. It wasn’t until I took the bouquet out of the box and put it on the table that he saw them. He was grinning!

Now, he is not a slim man, and he can really eat too much in one session if I let him. So I said he had to keep a doughnut for Acerules, and some to take to his work. He also ate a few there and then, of course. The dog did his cutest ears up , big eyes feed me routine, although he had already been fed dog food, and had some of my main course.

The dog thought he should get some raspberry sauce, then didn’t want it. So the chickens tried it:

Copyright Runningonempty.

She is pictured next to one of the ducks’ ponds. It receives rainwater off the carport roof, but they eventually muss it. Duck recently:


How will I reuse the stuff? Well the burgundy vase , burgundy cushion (pillow) and patchwork paperweight will go to Acerules house when she leaves, hubby will take the bowl to his work for his Winter soups, and I’m keeping the manchester (tablecloths and other fabric decor) after washing, for future tablescapes. The kisses sign, hearts banner and lacy hearts florist paper go into my special occasions cupboard for another time.

Copyright Runningonempty.

Via email I sent hubby one of these printable doughnut cards:

Where to get your own doughnut bouquet in USA:

Sources (I don’t get any payment for mentioning them):

Yarram Fresh Flowers did the flowers and doughnut bouquet. A big thanks to her.

Metal bbq skewers came from Yarram bargain shop.

Yarram Gifts and Novelties supplied the patchwork fabric paperweight.

Yarram Newsagency supplied the burgundy card and paper twine.

Yarram Drapery supplied the ribbon and some sharp scissors. (Scissors always disappear in our house.)

Acerules drew the template for the love hearts that I used to make the banner. This is done by folding a square of drawing paper in half, then drawing half a heart next to the fold. Unfold for a perfect mirror image. The cut out hearts were stuck onto the twine at the back with sticky tape. Note, if you want to glue things on, start the day before.

First course and meringues came from Foodworks Supermarket.

Other foods came from Woolworths Supermarket.

All other decorations came from op shops (thrift shops ). A great way to help local causes and help save things from going to landfill.


  1. WOW you never cease to amaze me, what a beautiful gesture and so artistic.

    After many attempts to please her I thought I would buy her a card so that she did not have that sinking feeling in her stomach when no one sends you a card or remembers you on a special day, so I thought it wouldn’t be right under the circumstances to go “over the top” and I didn’t want to look “mean” so I bought a nice card and left it so she would find it when she arrived in the kitchen, I placed the vase of hyacinth’s next to the card,, all this in the hope that it would please her, the scent of the flower was lovely as she walked into the kitchen, she saw the flower and immediately put it outside in the garden and ignored the card, I found it later in the day in the room I use,,, unopened,, now that’s what I call a gesture,,,, gut wrenching and hurt like hell,,,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How beautiful, how clever and how much fun! I love everything you did and the thought you put behind it, both for the current planning and the future planning! The donuts cracked me up. Very clever! And I love how your table looked, the pretty cushion, well, everything! It looks like a wonderful and most appreciated day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, marmalade, it’s not much compared to some of the Americans and the effort they put in, but keeping it real over here, there’s wind and dust and chooks…


    • Hahaha, Rina, in that department I’m a prize athlete, (Not THAT department! ) yep, Badger was taken for a ride I reckon.


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