Recute ing time

What are some tasks that Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers do?

They do administration:

Copyright Runningonempty

They construct knots to tie down tarpaulins on damaged roofs and for securing patients to stretchers:

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Engaged in duties, they dress appropriately in correct uniform :

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And safety footwear:

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They drive to catastrophes in the unit rescue truck:

Copyright Runningonempty

and expurrtly assess the scene:

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They are highly trained to open up crushed vehicles and buildings to save patients:

Copyright Runningonempty

SES kitten says “stay out of nasty floodwaters”, as he heads out to rescue people:

Copyright Runningonempty

He’s qualified to give first aid*:

Copyright Runningonempty

and may present the weekly in-house training sessions : ^

Copyright Runningonempty

In short, SES volunteers are categorically indispensable to our communities.

§ SES kitten makes rope tying look easy. In reality he tied himself up in knots to attain that skill level.

*Kitten hygenically did not contact inside of staff first aid kitt. Those taken on the road look different.

^Volunteers also do ongoing externally provided training. Practice makes purrfect!



  1. Cath, he is purrfectly adorable.. I know it is all in fun, but cats are pretty smart animals. Given the opportunity, they can show their stuff. If I were’t halfway around the world from you, I would snap up that little guy in a heart beat.

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