Old Father Time

New year eve post. All photos are copyright Runningempty.

Here we are set up to enjoy our New Year’s Eve, Acerules has erected the silver and gold streamers, the sparklers (handheld small firework on a metal stick) are ready for later and hubby has his bottle of cider.

The symbol for New Year’s Eve is Old Father Time. He is often shown with the Baby New Year, who in his turn, becomes an old man by the end of his year.

Old white men have had a drubbing in 2018. I didn’t feel that that was entirely fair, as they are entitled to their views as we all are and cannot be blamed too much for lamenting the speed at which the world is changing. However, changing it is, and in some respects, that is overdue.

A baby New Year is coming in, and many youth hope that that will bring many of the changes they espouse, to fruition. It is possible, as in America the Democrats will have more power in the Congress, and in Australia, the conservative LNP party are facing up to an election, in current disarray. Some say they cannot win. Hmm, if there is a recession, as I think there will be, whoever has won that election will have to deal with it. Both sides will blame the other, the representatives of the established order, and the progressives. So it has ever been, as far back as ancient times, when the old lamented the behaviours of the youth.

We need both. The moderate braking effect of the old, and the ideals and momentum of the young. So I have different musical styles here that may appeal, no matter what age you are.

What are you doing New Year’s Eve – Ella Fitzgerald :


Lea Salonga- It’s just another New Year’s Eve:

Selvin Johannes- Ole Father Time

Phil Collins, “In the air tonight” (First Farewell Tour)
Kr4zyworld :

It’s a traditional superstition as the old year leaves and the new one comes in, to make alot of noise to frighten the bad spirits away. That could be bells, horns, fireworks, guns being fired, etc. This drummer boy is on fire! Play this at midnight if chasing off bad spirits is your thing!

The original song, with lyrics, the words are prosey, but do bear thinking about.
Stratovarius – Father Time (With Lyrics)
Pablo Arteaga:

Lastly as it’s allegedly a new Asian century,
ViVA Girls – Auld Lang Syne 蛍の光
The Viva Girls :

Our celebration at home this year.

Sources of the items shown:

The drink in the paper cups is a grape juice spritzer. The thick gold damask tablecloths were purchased new on Ebay last year for Acerules’ Venetian 16 th Birthday party in February this year. The white damask cloth underneath, white embroidered napkins and white wire cake holder were purchased at op (thrift) shops for Christmas this year. The starry cloth underneath on the small table, we’ve had for years. The two candle lanterns in the middle have been in Ace’s room since infancy for electrical blackouts. They are holding real tea light candles tonight. The Wiltshire Burgundy vintage stainless steel mid century bowl and tray are part of a set of servingware I have collected and will be used for the medieval wedding she wants eventually.

The three valuable crystal glasses are Waterford, from Ireland, and five were gifted to me by a family friend of my mother’s on the occasion of my first wedding. Today they are holding battery LED candles. The embroidered linen doiley is from my linen cupboard. The clock depicting five minutes to midnight lives in Acerules’ room. The large white urn is from the homewares stash put away for her adult house. White lilies shown from our florist have opened beautifully since I used them at Christmas Eve, and have been sweetly perfuming the living room. Marigolds here are from our back garden.

The paper cups with silver stars came from Reject Shop along with the sparklers for later. The gold spotted paper bowls, napkins , silver and gold streamers and gold spotted circular hanging fans are all from Kmart. I was trying to find biodegradable items, not plastic.

The white rum balls , crisps, corn chips, salsa and drinks shown are all from Woolworths, as is the pavlova for later. We have a New Year tradition of serving pavlova. The Lindt chocolates were gifted to us for a Christmas present. We have the radio set to JJJ, and they are playing party music.

From all of us here, me- Runningonempty, Hubby, Acerules , older cat, younger cat, younger dog (unfortunately, many of you will remember that older dog passed away this year); the ducks and chickens, the rabbit, plus alot of frogs that live here, we wish all of you, our readers, a very Happy, Safe and Peaceful New Year in 2019.

My New Year 2016-17 as depicted on my old blog:


This was the most popular post of 2018:



  1. I love the idea of Pavlova as a tradition. That’s one of my favorites! And I’m a tad “green” with envy when I saw that green grass and your outdoor celebration of the season! That doesn’t happen up here at this time of year! Lovely words and images all. Here’s to a beautiful new year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy new year to all who read this.
    your post of Brenda Lee brings back some memories, as I have 6 cd’s of hers, still good to this day.
    Then I went on to Phil Collins,, and this record should be made illegal if played softly,, you need full volume on a good set of speakers, it is one of the best records ever made and brings back memories when I was returning with some students from a training session and as it was hot I decides to stop at an English pub so they could have a quick drink ( quick, ha ha ha ) while we were sitting there across the road some large gates opened and out walked a guy, crossed the road and headed for the pub, and yes you guessed it,, Phil Collins,, he said hi, walked in the pub, got a drink and came back outside and started to talk to the students, such a nice guy, needless to say we were late back to the collage.

    AHHHH the viva girls, in case you did not know, I love all things oriental and have been to China and had a fabulous time, and was introduced to these girls when most of them was in a different group called, ” the twelve girls band ” and in my opinion were directed and performed much better then now as “viva girls” Don’t take my word for it, go look them up on “you tube” many beautiful recordings, Their stage presence and dress is so beautiful as the twelve girls band and the production is better too, they wer bought together as an experiment from many different bands and performed all over the world, but sadly was disbanded about 2 years ago and some of them have reformed as the viva girls. I think 2running on empty put that clip in just for me ????

    Liked by 1 person

      • Happy New Year to you and your family, Lynn. I hope you will all be very safe in 2019 against flood, hurricane, and all manner of ills! Cath


    • You met Phil Collins, Barry? wow. That’s an amazing story to tell the grandkids, if they even know who he is, lol.
      It did cross my mind that you might like the Chinese Viva Girls, but also it’s supposed to be a new Asian century in the world. We shall see, after the Trump/China trade war.


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