Christmas decorations in USA – by Lynartist

Christmas decorations in USA, guest post by Lynartist

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Sousaphone Duet (with Eynsford Concert Band)
Eynsford Concert Band

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Sousaphone Duet (with Eynsford Concert Band)
Eynsford Concert Band

This tree in the living room is done with alot of real crystals that I have saved over the years. The garland is made from crystal stung from old chandeliers and the larger drops are also hung on the tree. There are about 250 real crystal icicles that my husband bought me many years ago.

The small tree in the den has many old Christmas balls that were made by my mother and mother in law back in the late sixties, early seventies. It was a very popular craft back then and was all done with straight pins on styrofoam balls. It was the time before glue guns! There are other old ornaments on this tree as well, some quite faded but still loved!

I didn’t decorate quite as much as usual and tried to get everything ready ahead of time. There were a few things I eliminated and I didn’t stress the small stuff this year!

Wow. Beautiful, thankyou, Lyn!

How to make beaded Christmas balls. Blue and Silver Christmas Ornament
Ornament Designs:


  1. We made those balls when I worked as a therapist, with clients. They are good for improving fine motor coordination. For those with sensitive skin I recommend glass head or pearl pins, or a thimble. There are many ideas for designs on Google /Pinterest. Those preferring a more natural item can try cloves pushed into oranges in creative designs.


  2. Wow,now that’s what I call a Christmas tree, we too ( my parents ) used to make all our own decorations, in the 50s and 60s as money was in short supply, but looked so nice, ahhhhhhhh beautiful memories, your decorations look lovely.

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  3. Thank you Cath ! You did a nice job posting these. The home made ornaments hold a special place for me as the lovely ladies who made them have long passed. It is such a special reminder to lovingly use them each year . Lynn

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