The Rainbow Connection.

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In the school vacation I took Acerules and her friend to Scienceworks museum in Melbourne. Ace had her last appointment for this year at the orthodentist that day, too. So we set off on public transport from our rural town. Buses, trains and planes are dependent on the laws of physics. In fact those are all around us.

Scenes in industrial Spotswood while walking to the museum from the train station:

Now that isn’t a subject I’m good at – physics, (or mechanics). My father was very disappointed when that turned out to be the case, as he and my brother were. I was ok at other sciences, did well even. Still I know my limitations, we all have them.
However, Acerules’ friend is studying physics, and the two of them seemed to understand what we went to see.

The exhibition is aimed at teens, so think dark spaces with a rainbow of changing lights,

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couches to lie on,

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odd shaped mirrors on the ceiling,

morphing projections,

a mirror maze ,

and a few interactive features.

The topics touched on the latest advances in science, in space, sound waves, flight, light, telescopes, etc., but sampled the theory of them, displayed in a white writing on black format, like in old lecture theatres. Microscopic and things a million miles away were depicted large.

As a member of generation x, brought up on traditional museum displays, I would have liked to see more signage saying what each display was about, as I felt a bit confused. This didn’t worry the two teens, however.
At the end the contributing professors were named on the wall, again in white on black. Many eminent people were involved putting this together.

Van Morrison – Wavelength (Remastered) Sony

After visiting the orthodentist, (who told me Acerules is going to be a heartbreaker and come back in 12 months) we had lunch and hung out for awhile in a mostly Chinese shopping center (mall) before heading home. As a souvenir I bought the kids a red hanging pig ornament each, as the Chinese New Year was coming up. My girl just loves all animals.

Copyright Runningonempty.
Copyright Runningonempty.

Orthodentist photos taken on previous occasions:

It was a long way home on the bus, and we dozed, I was glad it stuck to the laws of physics and we got home safely.


  1. Stunning pics. And what a good experience you’ve given them. It’s very strange the way young minds can encompass things we older minds can’t. Yup, give me explanations, please, in simple language. Once I’ve had them, I can play. Do they pick up the explanations from the visuals as they are? Or do they simply not mind that they don’t have a prosaic understanding of what they’re faced with?

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  2. There are things about light we don’t understand, it is, and will be, a very powerful thing, perhaps in the future when we can harness the principles of its power.

    NOW THERES A THING,, just look at the body language of those two,,, her face tells it all.

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  3. Thankyou to all that commented, I love comments! I don’t understand how the teenagers understand it, except they maybe learn that way at school and homework on their tech devices, IDK.
    Yes, Badger, but there are always boys (and men) interested in Ace, and it’s hard to know how she feels at times. As long as they are respectful and treat her right.
    Pam, the orthodentist told me “she is going to be a heartbreaker”. Maybe she will, as she’s very vague about things.


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