The Wearin’ of the Green.

John McCormack – The wearing of the green:

It’s St Patrick’s Day today.

The Irish have always been very political. They had to be, as their land was taken from them, even before that when Irish king warred against Irish king, and debated who should be High King.

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So before I post you a link to my non political post about St Patrick,

have you ever considered voting for The Greens? Try looking up their website in your country, to see their policies. (There are two Greens parties in America. )

While others are talking about fighting climate change and income inequality, they are doing it where it really pays off, in the ruling houses of democracy. Here in Australia, the Greens have won many a battle for the “little people” (us, not leprechauns!) and the environment, right there in Parliament. I know, because I listen to proceedings on the radio.

Here is my (non political) St Patrick post from last year:

The Australian Greens:

International Greens:

List of Greens parties by country:


  1. First year that I am not at a paddy parade in18 years,,, I already miss the joy and the celebration over there and the young friends who have sent me their love and told me they miss me

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