Drums , tribes and apple pie.

“We spend so much energy and breath trying to be accepted in tribes that are not in our ‘soul DNA’. Learn to walk away from a table that has no seat reserved for you. Align, go with your flow and the rhythm of synchronicity will lead you to your tribe.”
― Malebo Sephodi

Michael Jackson- Beat it:

Trump says if the USA excludes refugees, who he calls illegal immigrants, it’s a way to Make America Great Again. He is also allegedly patronising to Indigenous Americans (or as one of them told me, American Indians), and even champions taking away their clean water rights, etc. He has aligned himself with anti- black racist fringe groups, in order to get votes. No doubt they will vote for him again.

Wikimedia Commons -Public domain. Taken by a White House employee.

The MAGA , or Make America Great Again hat, which is as part of Trump and his campaigning as Siamese twins might be considered close; represents racism to many in America. I know that many wear it meaning bring back the manufacturing sector, which is very understandable. However, many want more jobs for whites only, and some are anti -Jewish.

So is it appropriate for Catholic school children to wear the cap on school trips? No, it is not, and the Texan school that led an excursion to Washington DC this week, shouldn’t allow it. It is political campaign material aligned with racism, that therefore can cause the children to potentially be attacked, on the basis of the implied views wrapped up in the symbolism. And that is what happened. It’s more neutral for the kids to wear the school uniform hat on school excursions.

However, the black activists that were taunting the children were adults, and should have restrained themselves. Having a conversation without abuse, will always win more hearts and minds than insults, which never have. The hats seem to have had a “red rag to a bull” effect on grown men.

Do I understand why the Native Americans got in the middle to beat drums, chant and break up the potential stoush? Yes, I’ve been in that situation professionally and otherwise, countless times, sometimes with dangerous people. I understand why they did it.

My first husband, too, who was very tall and strong, but slim build, used to physically insert himself between brawling gangs in Melbourne City when we were in our twenties and were out on dates. He had long arms, and would have one outstretched hand on one guy’s chest, and his other on the other man. He didn’t know any of them. I guess his experience as a scout leader kicked in.

Tribe- Kim Viera.

To be honest, I used to worry what if both sides turned on him, and I said so. That would also have left me vulnerable. Back then in the eighties and nineties it didn’t happen, he broke them up. Times have changed though, with the drugs that are around now, particularly Ice, anything can happen, and bystanders are more cautious. People who would once have intervened, are now walking away, or just calling police. Even when there are no drugs or alcohol involved, mob behaviour can turn pretty dangerous, even teens, (read Lord of the Flies). I have to admire the gumption of the Native American with the drum, getting in the middle. So often the peacemaker can be turned on by any or all sides, and it only takes one punch to start a melee.

Do I blame the priest that escorted the field trip? No. Think about it. Priests can’t get physically close to any student now, or they are accused of child sex abuse. I noticed in the photos he was seperate to the rest. The other teachers should have taken charge more, though. They could have moved the whole group to another site, and left a staff member there to meet any stragglers.

“It doesn’t matter, who’s wrong or right, just beat it”. -Michael Jackson -“Beat it.”

Did I find the behaviour of the “smirking” Catholic school boy to be blameless? Hardly. I’ve had two foster teens and two biological teen children, not to mention teen neighbours, my patients , music students and my teens’ friends. The look on that student’s face wasn’t benign. It was a challenge, no respect for his elders there. He attempted dominance over the indigenous man, who kept his gaze lowered. Is that a sign of weakness? No, it’s the strength of self restraint, and understanding the non verbals of the animal kingdom, of which our species are part, evidently.

I couldn’t help comparing the expression of MAGA hat boy, with that of David Hogg, who’s usual facial expression is one of deep sadness. More fitting, I think, than that of MAGA hat boy. The times are desperately sad, call for alot less testosterone, and much more contemplation.

Creative Commons – by Barry Stock.

In their own ways, each boy is campaigning to save lives. MAGA boy went on a march to save unborn babies, and David Hogg wants to save born children.

Anyone that wants to silence them with abuse should beat it. Freedom of speech is beautiful, but hate speech isn’t, and it’s better to tackle the man that sells the hat on his website, than the children that wear it.

As Jesus, another brown skinned man, said, “They know not what they do.”

Tongue in cheek:






    • It’s the frequency that strange things keep happening, I guess. Acerules told me that teen boys like wearing MAGA hats, because they think Trump is hilarious.


    • I watched the 1 1/2 hour video on the second article down, at the end of the post. Too many thoughts came to mind to put in one blog post. But a take away was, that your enshrined freedom of speech did enable an actual absence of riot police. It was pretty impressive. We have cops with riot shields at protests more and more often these days.

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      • America really is still an amazing and blessed place. But, the still photo of the boy facing off with an older Native American is the image that got to me most. That expression has been worn by those in rebellion against God since the beginning. This is my daughters’ generation and I fear for it and pray for it.

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  1. That is really interesting — and of course just the way teen boys think, bless their infuriating, immature minds. But I do think in the US it’s so clearly a political symbol that they can’t get away with that excuse. And I guess they have the right to wear it — but absolutely not on a school trip. I can’t imagine how that could have been allowed. It clearly was what drew some of the worst of the Black Israelites’ insults. Not that the Israelites should get away with that excuse, either. My sympathies are with the Native American drummer, as getting between ‘warring’ parties is a way of defusing situations, and in fact he did draw the kids’ attention to himself and away from the gathering storm. And I so agree that it would have taken just one teacher to get those kids out of that situation and in a more orderly grouping, further away.

    Sadly, though, it’s just one messy illustration of the way racial tensions in the US have risen to the surface. Martin Luther King had a dream, and this was surely not it.

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