“Gimme Shelter”

Edward Longsden Long 1891 Public Domain.

Adieu des bergers à la sainte famille – Berlioz.
Il s’en va loin de la terre
Où dans l’étable il vit le jour.
De son père et de sa mère
Qu’il reste le constant amour,
Qu’il grandisse, qu’il prospère
Et qu’il soit bon père à son tour.

Oncques si, chez l’idolâtre,
Il vient à sentir le malheur,
Fuyant la terre marâtre,
Chez nous qu’il revienne au bonheur.
Que la pauvreté du pâtre
Reste toujours chère à son cœur.

Cher enfant, Dieu te bénisse!
Dieu vous bénisse, heureux époux!
Que jamais de l’injustice
Vous ne puissiez sentir les coups.
Qu’un bon ange vous avertisse
Des dangers planant sur vous. *

Some babies are born into poverty. (Some don’t even make it to being born.)

Some are wanted by their parents, but are a pawn from infancy (do this, commit this crime, go to war, join our gang, join/stay in our religion, or we will kill your family.) It happens, it really happens, infants targeted. Very occasionally, an infant is targeted from birth because of his earthly power. Mary Queen of Scots, for example, agreed to her son, the future King James of Scotland and England, being raised by others in a secure fortress. She was killed, but he survived.

Jesus had no such fortress to hide in. His parents became refugees, like millions the world over, fleeing with their babies. Prewarned that Herod intended to kill the babe, who he saw as a threat to his throne, they ran from Bethlehem to Egypt. Tradition states it that Mary rode on a donkey with her son, in the days before prams. When it was safe, they returned to their family.

This time in English,

2000 Carols from King’s No. 13 The Shepherds’ Farewell – Berlioz
camusik96 :

It is a misunderstanding- mis teaching – of some churches, only some, that refugees are a threat. Genuine ones are a compassion opportunity, to remember that Jesus was an infant refugee, and if he was turned away at the Egyptian border, world history would have been very different.

One thing we have to remember. The equator is getting hotter, so are tempers and rather than die, those people are going to have to go somewhere. If we don’t want them in our towns, then let’s cut down on our emissions, and arms sales, people of the world. We can’t have it both ways.

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (Live) – OFFICIAL PROMO
The Rolling Stones :

The original “backup” sublime female singer on this song in 1969, Merry Clayton, (not this lady), was asked to get out of bed, heavily pregnant, at midnight and come into the studio to record. Mick said she arrived in her hair curlers. She gave a performance from the depths of her soul that she said may have caused her subsequent miscarriage.

This only takes 30 secs, Merry Clayton’s famous heartfelt solo:


*Several English translations of the original French lyrics by Berlioz:


Song lyrics of Gimme Shelter:


An article on the current movements of refugees:


    • Thankyou, Laura. They say compassion gives back to us in increased endorphins, so it really is an opportunity, I guess.


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