Oh Holy Night

The Church- Under the Milky Way Tonight

For our Christmas Eve grazing, after a hot Summer’s day in Australia, the theme was Oh Holy Night.

Oh Holy Night- Josh Groban

The colour scheme chosen was royal and cobalt blue to symbolise the night sky, and white for the stars. I started collecting items for it in August, that’s how I find secondhand and bargain items without using credit cards. The two twiggy swags were decorated by Yarram Fresh Flowers, and the flowers in the vases were supplied by them.

All photos copyright Runningonempty.


Mary did you know – The singing contractors:

Judith Durham & The Seekers-Mary’s boy child:

Walking to church, outside the old courthouse, Acerules :

Ave Maria by Gounod -Yo-yo Ma:

Lights on the way home:

What child is this -Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli 2009

Where I bought items:

Opportunity shops (op, secondhand or thrift shops)- set of two blue glass hi-ball/water glasses, 2 brown twiggy bases of the decorative swags, (the florist calls them bustles), 3 pce nativity scene, white porcelain angel figure, large blue plastic baubles, white damask table cloth, three glass star candle holders, one iron candelabra with star cutouts and 4 candles, blue ribbon, white wire tiered cake holder, blue twirled tinsel.

Kmart- small white artificial Christmas tree, that was used in three locations: carols by candelight that we helped at, Christmas Eve in our backyard, and Christmas Day elsewhere. It had a habit of falling over in the dirt when used outside, and had to be washed under the tap! (Faucet.)

Ebay, second hand – set of two lovely blue glass wine glasses.

Ebay new- Oh Holy Night large flag for the fence, blue satin table runner, blue glass baubles, wooden Christmas ornaments, (painted by Acerules and hubby), blue and white chevron paper napkins and paper straws, blue ribbon, blue and white chevron coasters.

Bargain shop in a regional city, in September at their closing down sale: 6 pots of artificial white pointsettia plants, which got changed a little for the carols by candelight concert we helped at, then changed again for this, also blue and red nutcracker figure- all at 75% off; box of blue led fairy lights, at half price.

Yarram Gifts and Novelties:
Two blue and white contemporary medium size glass vases.

Some chain store (I forget which): white star garland, white fluffy tinsel

My cupboard: blue velvet tablecloth, white starry tablecloth under it.

White candlesticks are from Acerules’ adult house stash.

Cantique Nôel



  1. wow ,,, what a women you are, such talent to put together such an amazing sequence of beautiful music, I particularly liked Andrea Bocelli and Mary J Blige, music is so important in my life and makes a big difference when feeling lost, thank you again and have a lovely time with all those beautiful items you bought.

    Liked by 1 person

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