Red lace, black boots and gum trees.

Many people like to decorate themselves or their homes in red at Christmas.

Free image on Pexels. 

It’s a colour associated with warmth, bonhomie, merriment. Really, though, it was mostly adopted after the Coca Cola company chose to dress Santa in it in the 1930s for an ad. Truthfully, I can take it or leave it, as it’s not reminiscent, for me, of the original Christmas story. However, I thought I’d do a whole post in it, for those of you who love it, with a theme of merriment. 

Public domain

We attended an emergency services year-end function in late November,   at which Acerules wore a red lace dress. I bought it on eBay during the year and Katja altered it to fit. Here Ace is among the gum trees outside the venue:

Copyright Runningonempty.        Acerules with a eucalyptus tree. 2018

Panic at the disco: Feels like Christmas. This song was chosen by Acerules:

Copyright Runningonempty.      Acerules near a major highway, leans on a eucalyptus tree just before sunset. 2018.

I have been steadily preparing for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, which I hope to share with you. However, this Spring and early Summer (as it is here in Australia) have been very busy, between the state election, district agricultural Show, two end of year parties, a bush dance we attended, a carols by candelight concert we assisted at setting up and attended, and everyday life.

Acerules is now on her Summer vacation, so I am able to take her places: we have been on a trip to the nearest regional city, for banking, shopping and a trip to the big library there. Also we went out for a lovely bacon and egg brunch in our town, followed by a haircut for Ace. (It’s still long, but has lost the split ends.) Then we enjoyed talking to townsfolk and hitting an op (thrift) shop. We scored some curtains , for $20 au, for Ace’s future adult house, that we collect things for. 

I have commenced the Christmas decorating in our front yard, which was interrupted by almost a week of rain.*  We do it for the little children in the street.

*Some parts of our state are flooded. 

Aussie Christmas carol – Deck the shed with bits of wattle by Bucko and Champs:

This reaction was captured at the function when I told hubby he was looking like a koala!

Copyright Runningonempty 2018.

I have lots of Christmas ideas for you, below, as I read widely, don’t forget to leave a comment on my blog , even to say hello, I love comments! 

Pexels image.
  • A stunning red and gold Christmas dining room by Pam:

  • Make sweater stockings, tutorial by Mary:

  • Plaid Christmas balls:

  • How to paint pinecones:

  • Red Christmas jelly slice:

  • Perhaps think twice before giving these gifts?

  • Sustainable Christmas ideas:

  • Life for 10 girls around the world today:

  • Lyrics to- Deck the shed with bits of wattle:


  1. A lovely Christmas miscellany. May I suggest anyone reading also clicks on the “girls around the world” link? It’s not about red, or Christmas, but it is about understanding and caring for others. What could be more suitable for this season?

    Liked by 1 person

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