In November, prior to the State election, I spent three weeks walking , letterboxing (delivering ) political flyers as a volunteer. I did all of one town, and part of a regional city, for three of our candidates.

When I started a new area in the city, I was trying to get my bearings with the map. A mailman on his motor bike stopped and said “so, what are you delivering today?” I gave him the two pamphlets I was posting. He put them in his top pocket for later. Then he tapped on his mail bag. He said, “I’ve got both of the big parties in here.” After that, he kept passing me , zipping around doing his route. 

It was Spring , and gardens were bursting with flowers. I couldn’t photograph all of them, but here is an impression. Acerules came with me twice, and hubby also twice. He couldn’t do much as he had an injured hand from work, and needed plastic surgery in the city. Still it was nice to have his company walking. Multiple times I took our dog, which he enjoyed.

Runningonempty                 Royal Flying Doctor services are essential to “the bush”.
Copyright Runningonempty.     Native Australian plants.
Copyright Acerules

Artwork above by Acerules. 


  1. OH BOY, what beautiful photo’s,,, how similar to rural parts of England I love those artistic photos of the Barbed wire,, antique I bet,,, and the post box with the lad opening is a real find,, and you got sun,, wow,, now you got me thinking that Australia might join the list. have a great day

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